Most of the times you noticed that your amp sounded great the night before and today with the same settings, same guitar, same pedals, even at the same place it doesn't sound the same good or sounds different, also it happens with your pedalboard, the pedals get more distorted sometimes in a bad way, strange noises, etc... If your amp blows fuses often or tubes or let you in the lurch many times then you need one of these !!! 




* Our "SOUNDGUARD" is only available for EU - 220-240v 

* It gives you an accurate constant voltage between 220-230v ,controlled digitally 

* If your voltage is too low for ex. 200v this unit converts it automatically to the ideal voltage for your transformers demand between 220-230v

* If your voltage is too high or you get high peaks coming from your socket, this unit will take it back down automatically to 220-230v also will

protect your gear from High voltage peaks, for example in a storm situation or bad installations, remote areas, etc...

* This unit will filter most of the voltage parasites coming from the socket and will reduce your amp and pedalboard noises and interferences.

* It will make your amp tubes and transformers last much longer and more consistent solid sound.

* Just the perfect gadget to protect your favourite gear and make you sound always the same good !!! 

With Noise Filter built in !!!

With Noise Filter built in !!!


- 150€ Inc. Shipping ( Spain )

- 160€ Inc. Shipping ( rest of EU ) 

* Note: If you order from the UK you would need a UK plug converter. 

* Estimated delivery 2-3 days